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Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to "My Pinterest Life"

Sooo, we all have a teensy tiny thing for (scratch that), obsession with (that too)... Addiction to; Pinterest, right? But how many of us actually try out/do the things we post? Show of hands? Okay, that makes one, slightly hesitant person. So you actually tried one meal that you pinned? Good for you! But come on, what's the point of pinning all these ideas/ recipes/ DIYs/ outfits/ workouts/ quotes/ tattoos/ wedding ideas/ artists/ blogs/ etc etc etc if you never look at them again and never try them out for yourself to see what actually works and what you actually like?

If you're just spending x amount of hours on Pinterest, logging all these great ideas to "go back to" but never actually "go back to" them, than what's the point of making a note of them in the first place?

This blog is going to be filled to the brim of plenty of different "genres" of Pinterest- some of the main ones will include (but wont be limited to); wedding, DIY, workouts and recipes.
Let's take workouts as an example. Once I get into it, I can spend hours pinning all these great workouts and motivational quotes and bodies and on and on and on but do I spend any of that time actually trying to workouts? Noticing how it makes my body feel? Striving for results? No. I just make a huge collection of ideas and never actually do any of them. How pointless is that??
So this blog is to break that habit:

Each post will be reviewing a different pin. And I will update or comment on each pin as I try it so you can keep up to date on my Pinterest as well!

Wish me luck and if you have any suggestions of pins for me to try, just let me know and I will try them!


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